The cell

This is where is all starts – the cell – the basic structural and functional unit of the body. It is the smallest unit of being that is classified as a living thing, but if they aren’t having their needs met then you’re not performing as you should and imbalances occur and poor health results.

Whatever you do your cells are good loyal friends! They love you; they always try to do their best however much you abuse them (and most of us are guilty of this from time-to-time!). In your body there are over 50 trillion of them, doing many different jobs and they need just 6 simple things to keep them happy;  hydration, essential fatty acids, a balanced pH, correct nutrition, light and the opportunity to eliminate i.e. get rid of their waste.   Our simple aim is to help you reciprocate the care  and be a better friend and appreciate their needs.

Most people want information on food and the changes we can help them make to improve health and vitality, but if you’re interested in how the chemistry of the cell relates to nutrition, this can be explained during consultations, workshops or you can always give me a call with any questions.



Dehydration signals are often diagnosed as illnesses. These signals include fatigue, stress, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, headaches and depression.


Whole foods are the perfect nutrition – they have not been processed, refined, denatured or adulterated and are ideal for our bodies.

pH balance

The majority of western diets are highly acidic, creating pH imbalance that contributes to illness, disease and lethargy.


When conditions are correct, the cell can eliminate its waste efficiently via lymph, blood, liver, bile and finally faeces.


We all feel better when the sun shines and 20 minutes of natural light daily is recommended to keep vitamin D levels where they should be.



Green leafy foods help provide our blood with the tools to transport oxygen around our bodies. Tumours can’t grow in oxygen-rich environments so the more leafy vegetables the better.



Essential fatty acids are required for healthy cell membranes which allow the transportation of substances in and out of the structure.

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