Weight loss

Weight loss is only successful if it is maintained in the long-term.

Whether it’s our courses, workshops, consultations or our prepared food that you chose, we’ve got loads of ideas to help you achieve your goals, backed up with support to discuss progress.

Nutritional Therapy’s approach is one of gentle transition, to re-ignite the deep memory of what we really need food-wise rather than what we crave.  As the supportive foods are adopted, the irrational need for junk diminishes and weight reduces.  You’ll also feel more energised, motivated and with a sharper memory (that can’t be bad!).

When thinking about weight management, our thoughts generally turn to giving up treats like biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crisps, alcohol and fast foods. There is a tendency to view these as ‘naughty but nice’. However, refined foods, high in sugars and fats, are challenging to our bodies and give short-lived energy and feel good boosts.  As a result the tendency is to increase our intake to prolong the sensation which leads to weight gain.

The good news is that there are tasty, quick and easy to prepare nutritious alternatives that achieve the same feelings.  The effects are longer lasting and give the body exactly what it needs, enabling the usage of existing fat stores to be used for energy and consequently leading to weight loss.

Nutritional Therapy uses terms such as whole foods, fresh, organic, raw and living – all of which are nutrient-dense and can be utilised for energy, growth and repair.

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