Feeling tired most of the time is not normal

Even with busy lives we can feel energised and full of vitality if we eat the right foods (we do also need adequate relaxation and exercise).

One of the main reasons for poor energy levels is the way our diets have become very reliant on carbohydrates and fats.  Refined carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta, rice and sugar all play havoc in the body as they cause energy levels to rise and fall in extremes.

Certain vitamins such as C and B together with minerals, combined with adequate hydration, are essential for the production of energy, but very few people appreciate what they need.

Furthermore, apart from the stomach and bowel, our bodies are designed to have an alkaline pH. The Western diet tends to be very acidic, creating an internal environment that is unsympathetic to the absorption of important nutrients. The lack of the correct nutrition creates problems with cell energy production and other organ activity which leads to fatigue, poor endurance and generally all round feeling below par.

Delicious-Nutritious can give you the knowledge to develop menus that are quick to prepare, tasty and sufficiently interesting to keep the whole family happy, whilst meeting their nutritional requirements.

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Delicious-Nutritious activities to rev you up!

1. Health on a Plate

2. Purposeful Supplementation

3. Raw Power – for real energy

A well fuelled body = energy and vitality

Every molecule that we are made up from comes from the food we eat and the water we drink.