Come and join us in Felixstowe for one of our fun filled courses designed to develop knowledge and practical skills.

February 2018 – Cooking with British Pulses from Hodmedod’s

Come and learn how to use pulses grown in the UK and adapting your existing recipes.

Fri 2nd 10:00-13:00

Wed 7th 18:30-21:30


March 2018 – Raw Power

An all round introduction to raw food and how to add it into your daily diet.

Fri 2nd 10:00-13:00



April  2018 – Spring Raw

More recipes to inspire, using seasonal produce.

Mon 9th 10:00-13:00

Wed 11th 18:30-21:30

Juices and smoothies

Tues 17th 18:30 -21:30


May 2018 – Juices and Smoothies

Exploring the difference between juices and smoothies, learning how to detox.

Wed 2nd 10:00-13:00

Raw Treats and Desserts

Thurs 10th 10:00-13:00

Summer Raw

Wed 30th 18:30-21:30



Click here to let Maggie know you’re interested.

Click here to let Maggie know you’re interested
June 2018 – Summer Raw

Summer dishes, that stand alone, or accompany your BBQ!

Mon 4th 10:00-13:00

Summer Cooking With British Hodmedod’s Pulses

Thurs 7th 10:00-13:00

Tues 12th 18:30-21:30


July 2018 – Raw Treats and Desserts

Guilt free pleasures, for the sweet tooth.

Tues 3rd 18:30-21:30

Mon 9th 10:00-13:00


September 2018 – Autumn Raw

Another seasonal workshop utilising the abundance of lovely produce available at this time of year.

Mon 3rd 10:00 – 13:00

Thurs 6th 18:30-21:30

All classes are part demonstration, part hands on, with a sit down meal at the end and recipes to take home!

Price: £55 per workshop