The first session

The aim of the first session is to get to know you on a dietary, health and emotional level.  It is important to hear about any concerns you have regarding your present circumstances, whether that be a diagnosed illness, lack of energy, weight issues or perhaps personal circumstances that create obstacles to eating a nutritious balanced diet.

This information will be used to make a holistic assessment of the current situation and consider the imbalances both within the body, and those brought about through lifestyle which have ultimately culminated in you seeking advice.

Follow up sessions

Whilst the initial session is about fact finding, the second is about your personally tailored dietary advice (or complete plan depending on your circumstances) along with other suggestions for transforming your health. Follow up sessions are used to provide support and to look at what areas are succeeding and others that might need adjustment.  The objective is to help you maintain improvements by adapting where necessary and finding strategies that help promote wellbeing.

As well as formal consultations, it might be that some future sessions take place in the kitchen and involve practical work. Alternatively, you might chose to join one of our range of workshops that look specifically at food preparation.

Adopting the philosophy of nutritional healing will enable you to take responsibility for your own health with guidance and ongoing support available as and when you need it.   Additional help can be as simple as a quick chat on the phone or a question by email or Skype to clear up a concern.  Alternatively, if more time is needed, further consultations can always be booked.

Initial consultation £95.00 – (approx 2 hours)

Follow up sessions £50.00 – (approx 1 hour)

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Consultation Meeting

“consider the imbalances both within the body and those brought about through lifestyle”