Aromatherapy is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils derived from plants for physical and emotional health and well being. It’s a caring, hands-on therapy predominately centred on massage, although the healing oils can be delivered by other methods including inhalations, baths and compresses. At Maggie’s consulting clinic in Felixstowe she seeks to relax, increase energy, dissipate the effects of stress and restore the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.Initial consultations are 1 ½ hours which includes a clinical assessment. Thereafter, clients can choose from either a 1 or 1 ½ hour massage session.

1 hour session £40
1 ½ hour session £50
“Over the past 20 years I have seen the beneficial results of aromatherapy, and coupled with the Nutritional Healing philosophy, you are giving your body and mind a greater opportunity to achieve optimum health” Maggie.
“When the door closes tight and I’m in Maggie’s beautiful clinic I know that the next hour and a half is me time. When I leave, I feel like I’m floating on a cloud.”
“You don’t need to tell Maggie where you have aches and pains as her hands seem to instinctively know where to go.”