Delicious-Nutritious promotes ways of increasing overall health and wellbeing  with great tasting food that nurtures and energises your body.  Enjoying a balanced diet has the added benefit of helping to establish and maintain your appropriate weight and can address a range of other symptoms and conditions.  Our aim is to get you buzzing with some amazing fresh natural foods – it’s simple, we help you to eat well and feel great!
Nutritional Therapy is what we’re into, but it’s not about following a rigid list of dos and don’ts (everyone likes to party!).  Our approach is based on identifying foods and behaviours that contribute positively to your health and those which challenge your body. Supported by strategies to help you succeed, you’ll learn to make choices in accordance with this knowledge and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


MaggieHi, I’m Maggie.  If you want to discuss how Delicious-Nutritious can help you become fitter, more energised and slimmer too, send me your contact details and I’ll give you a call.


Our repertoire of recipes is based around raw food , cooked vegetarian and fish dishes.


If you have specific concerns about your health, diet or food generally that you would like to discuss on a one-to-one basis, click through  and contact  Maggie to make an appointment.


Seaweed Salad PreparationWhether it’s a half day learning to prepare horrendously healthy cakes or a full Nutritional Therapy programme, our courses and workshops are relaxed, fun and pretty tasty!